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  1. Going to lose a lovebird soon

    He's been with me for around 2/3rds of my life, if I did the math right. He had a good long life, and he's pretty much just waiting to go at this point. Sucks.
  2. A Last Look Back

    The time has finally come. After many long years as my partners, the blocking of Pokemon from previous generations from some online battles has finally convinced me to retire those I've raised through Sapphire, FireRed, Pearl, HeartGold, White and Black2. Some of these have been with me through four generations and I'll miss using them, but it’s time to let them rest at last. I’m keeping their bloodlines alive and even raising some of their children to use from now on, but I thought some of ...
  3. And yet another problem to add to the list

    Okay, I've got good news and terrible news. We'll start with the good.

    After my last blog, it would appear that the whole problem blew over. I think there may have been a bit of empty nest syndrome mixed in there (even though I'm not remotely close to finding a new place yet, thanks to various other factors), but it appears that little situation was just an emotional burst that disappeared quickly. Now for the terrible news.

    My family seems to have hit a massive pothole ...
  4. Megaquaza in the Geometry room

    A follow-up to my statement yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to make the image smaller, wasn't able to upload it here at all, so time to give this Imgur thing a shot. Picture hopefully can be found here.

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  5. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #17!



    “They rode Westward into the Frontier's setting Sun” by jackcrowder

    Not that much time left in Outlaw Star Month, so I better make it count. Today, I bring you all some fan art inspired by one of the most well-written pieces of Outlaw Star fan fiction I've come across to date, written by Rassilon001. You better get ready!
    Fan Work Spotlight
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