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Welp, I recently updated my fic after having sat down to think about how to work on the pacing. At first I wanted to get rid of anything useless to the plot, but then found that every part helped develop Chaos in one way or the other, helping to set him up for the ending I have planned for him. Then I realized that I was looking at it all wrong. I was thinking that the problem was I needed was to have ‘more stuff in less time’ but what I really needed was to have ‘more time in less stuff’. I sat down and spent five minutes working on how I could do that before I realized that concept made no sense. I leaned back in my chair and then decided to have some food. Hot dogs if I recall correctly, and a marshmallow or two. They were great, but made me thirsty so I made some iced tea to wash it down then sat down to watch some television. Afterwards I read some manga. At that moment everything became clear.

Why did I just give a long jumble of words instead of going to the point? Because the jumble is the point! I was thinking that the pacing was wrong for a story about becoming a powerful trainer, when the story was actually a story about a journey. My goal isn’t to say how he accomplished this or that, but about that year he spent traveling, meeting new people, broadening his horizons, learning from others and teaching them as well. It might seem like I’m taking a roundabout path to get to the point, but the roundabout path is the point! Okay, now I’m being redundant, and THAT is not the point.

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