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by , 12th March 2012 at 09:43 PM (182 Views)
I have finally figured out how to work this crazy thing xD

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I feel stupid for taking so long to do so XP

Welp, since I'm here I might as well complain about writer's block. It's eeeeeeeeeeeeevil. I have my outline written for the next chapter of Chaos Theory, but each time I sit down to write the visions just don't come. I blame english for making me write research papers and draining my desire to write....but then why am I doing this? Oh yeah, cause it doesn't require me imagining actions and stuff. Well I figure I'm wasting somebody's time, and for that you should thank me, what would you do with so much time? Find a cure for cancer? Not on my watch!

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