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The Final Countdown

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Deep beneath the ground the two duelists stared at each other as they shuffled their decks. One, a duelist of darkness, the other one of light. The Infernal monsters and the Constellars, everything they had fought for would come down to this. They looked around, taking in their surroundings, a dark and gloomy tomb, rumored to have been where the King of Games had had his most important duel. They both activated their duel disks and smiled. It was time for the finals!
Finals: @Chaosj2; VS @Mizuhashi;

Meanwhile, back on the surface the other duelists were heading down, but two of them stopped and looked at each other. They had both come so far, and they knew they were of equal strength….or were they? They could not be satisfied without knowing, and thus the two prepared for their own duel.
Battle for third place! @Doctor jokool; VS @Haruto Tenjo;

That’s right, finally reaching and end! After this duel, we will know who will get the super secret prize which I may or may not have remembered to make. Let’s do this thing!

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  1. Night Sky's Avatar
    @Chaosj2: Well, it's finally time for the grand finale. Let's make this a spectacle people won't forget.
  2. jokool's Avatar
    Oooooooooooo!!! Good luck you two!

    And yay! One more duel for me!
  3. Kihote's Avatar
    The light shone brightly as the lifepoints dropped to zero, it seemed the darkness had failed to consume everything, instead the infernal deck had lost. The boy smirked as he stared at the winner, Mizuhashi, duelist of the light constellars. "Well done, but don't think it'll be this easy next time!"

    That's right, the winner of the tourny is Mizuhashi, second place is Chaosj2, and third place is.....A MYSTERY! The first-third players will get sigs of their favorite card saying 'Winner of Yugioh tourney 1: Dec 2012: -insert random nick name here-" second place will say, "Yugioh tourney 1, Dec 2012: runner-up: -insert random nick name here-" third place shall be "Yugioh Tourney 1: Dec 2012: Third place: -insert random nick name here-"

    If you guys have requests for the nicknames, go ahead and say them or I'll pick something random XD

    Mizuhashi and chaosj2, expect your sigs in the mail eventually after I get off my lazy arse and make them :I

    To everyone, thanks for playing and hope you enjoyed my poorly organized tourney, hope to see ya'll around for next time~
  4. Heartilly's Avatar
    Great tournament!! Hope there's another at some point, since this one was lots of fun~ even though I barely lasted Anyway, congratulations, Mizuhashi! Also Chaosj2 and whoever is in third place~
  5. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    Yeah, thanks for hosting a fantastic tournament, Chaosj2! I liked the plot you had set up for it in theses updates. XD

    And congratulations to Mizuhashi!
  6. Akuraito's Avatar
    Thanks for hosting and letting me play, Chaos~! X3 I had a lot of fun, and it was definitely well-hosted. ^^ [s]so...if you ever host another, tell me XD[/s]

    And congrats to all the winners! You all definitely deserved it.
  7. Kihote's Avatar
    the next tourney is likely going to be held by Mizuhashi, so bug him about it :P
  8. jokool's Avatar
    Great tourny Chaos! Can't wait for the next one! *goes to bug Mizuhashi about next tournament*
    @Haruto Tenjo; We still need to have our duel for third I believe.
  9. Ebail's Avatar
    This was pretty fun until I had to drop out of it I'd join again.


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