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  1. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 8: ToeJam and Earl's Moveset


    Debut: ToeJam & Earl (Genesis '91)

    It's the funky fresh duo of extra-terrestrials from Planet Funkotron, ToeJam and Earl! These two buddies always stick together in their quest to be the smoothest operators in the galaxy, and have brought their phat beats to the Dream Fight! Their dream is to prove themselves once more to be the funkiest beings of the SEGA Universe. Game. On.

  2. School tomorrow

    I'm not ready for it. The very same week things start up again I have two tests, physics and English. That's one hell of a way to start things up. To make it worse it also means I'm going back to staying from 7AM to 6PM at school. Uuugh... May the stress come back now.

    I guess the one good thing is that I'll be seeing my friends more often, not worth everything else though especially since I could just call them to come here at home so we can meet up again and do something actually ...
  3. I Guess I'm A Shipper Now

    After watching many shows and tons of Anime, I've realized that I have the tendency to ship lots of characters. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day that I would actually ship people and even attempt to get into romantic stuff. Usually I'm tough and I want nothing to do with mushy stuff, but that's slowly changed over the past couple years. It's kind of weird, though.

    I'm actually home from vacation, and back to the normal everyday grind. I'm actually returning to public school ...
  4. Sheer A.I. brilliance.

    I'm used to Pokemon's A.I. not being too creative. I mean, aside from those various facilities where they formulate the weirdest strategies to take you down, most NPC's aren't clever enough to do much more than attack, buff allies, or debuff foes. Well, it seems GF must've upgraded the A.I. in Platinum while polishing the rest of it. I've had several instances where random NPC's show sudden flashes of smart battling; the most common one is switching out. Usually, a switch-out happens when a Perish ...
  5. There were some dogs visiting last night

    Needless to say, my cat was not impressed. He eventually went upstairs, and also slept under my bed for a short while this morning. I was somehow alert enough to let him in and then back out. They also barked a lot when I went down to fetch a drink, before sleep time was even started - had the foresight to fill up a bottle of it, at least.
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