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Hurricane Kishore

XY Series Fanfiction : Appear , Clueless Rival Eri

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(The chapter start with Ash , Rika & Sai traveling though a Forest when they see A girl pass down on the street .)

Ash : Hey , Look ! Isn't that a girl ?

Rika : Why she pass down on the street ?

Ash : Let check it Out !

(They get close to the girl and Ash hold her )

Ash : Hey , Wake up !

(The girl awake up and look at Ash & other with a Emotionless expression )

Sai : She's Cuteeeeeee

(Rika grad his Ear )

Rika : Not now Sai ! Hey Your Okay ? Whats Your Name ? Where do you came from ?

( The Girl point a finger Toward her )

Girl : Eri's Hungry , Feed Eri !

Ash , Rika , Sai : Did she ask a group of complete stranger to feed her ?

(Afterward , Rika cook something for her and as she eat)

Eri : Ahhhh , Eri never eaten anything this delicious . I guess Heaven does have good cook .

Ash : Your in earth not Heaven ! But I guess Rika's Cooking skill really amazing .

(Rika Blushed as she say)

Rika : I-Its not big Deal . Lot of girls know how to cook and there no need to butter me about my cooking . A-Anyway , Your Name must be Eri . My name is Rika and That's Ash and the other guy with the perverted eye is Sai .

Eri : Ash , Do You mean Ash Ketchum ?

Rika : Wait ! You heard about him .

Ash : Well , That to be expect Af..........

Rika : Hear we go again !

Ash : Afterall I did a lot of Amazing stuff since I came to Kalo . Its no surprise that my name already is spared all over Kalo . Considering How big of star I'm now , We shouldn't be Surprise if we met somebody who want my Autograph .......

Eri : Ash Ketchum , A player from Kento ! He say he want to be a [B]''Pokemon Master''[/B] but Intend to be a [B]''Harem Master''[/B] ! He wasn't satisfy with traveling with his Cute Girlfriend So he put his flag on a Popular Idol and Rich Ojou-sama . But it wasn't still enough for him so he's looking for New target to put his flag on . He womanizing Skill is Over 500,00,0000000 and ...........



Eri : Your not ? Eri was Mistaken then ...........................................Wife may be ?


(Suddenly Sai show up font of her )

Sai : Your undoubtedly mistaken Miss Eri ! Rika is a Beautiful and Mature Women . There noway she will fall for Someone like Ash ! Specially when a Handsome & Capable Man like me around her .

Eri : ................. Where did You came from ?

Sai : Euh , I was here all the time ! Didn't you notice ?

Eri : Really ! Well I guess Ash & Rika shine so much that I couldn't notice a Boring looking guy like You !

(Hearing this , Sai fall into the state of Depression as Eri last world keep repeating in his Head )

Rika : great , He's Sulking again !

Ash : Come on Sai ! I mean , Its true that You aren't very good-looking , I mean Girls creep out When they see you , You haven't won a single battle and You make a fool out of Yourself everytime you tried to battle and Most girl gets annoyed when they spend time with You and You regularly get beat up Rika or some other girl But You Know What ! We are a Team and You are a Important Part of this group even if Nobody ever Notice You .

(As Ash kept talking , Sai act like he's been repeatedly stab by Multiple Sward . When Ash stop talking , He see Sai lying on the floor )

Sai : Thats it , My life is meaningless !

Ash : Euh

Rika : Good job at cheering him up .

Eri : Ya , You hit his vulnerable underbelly without Touching .

Ash : Stop it , I didn't touch anybody's underbelly .

(As Eri finish eating , She get up )

Eri : Well , Time to go .

Rika : Wait , Your Leaving .

Eri : Eri done eating So I'm leaving now . There nothing else Eri need form you 2 now .

Sai : She count me out again !

(Rika thought to herself)

Rika : May be A simple ''Thanks'' doesn't hurt.

(Then Rika tell Eri )

Rika : But Its getting Dark ! You should stay the night with us

Eri : Don't Worry ! Eri is Tough girl ! She will be fine

Ash & Rika : Saying the girl the pass down on the street .

(Ash goes close to her and grad her hand )

Ash : May be Your Tough , May be You can handle Yourself ! But It doesn't mean we have to let you go . Not as Your friend , But as a Person , It mine no its our responsibility to ensure your safety So I won't allow you go somewhere dangerous on Dark even if Your the most Toughest girl in the World .

Rika (Blushed) : [I]Ash [/I]

(Ash & Eri look at each other for some time then )

Eri : .......................Eri let her guard down and You already rising my flag ! I underestimate you Ash Ketchum !


-Anyway , Afterward Ash find out she's his rival and have a Double battle against her in the morning . She prove to be a Tough opponent and drive Ash to be corner despite her clueless personality But Ash manage to beat her .

-As usual , Team Rocket attack . Eri unintentionally Criticize their Motto , Their Unifrom and then Jessie's hair & Age ! Causing an angered Jessie to attack her with a Mecha.

-Eri start to praise the Mecha rather then Moving out of it way So Ash push her on time to save her . However She took it as a ''Sexual assult'' and Say [I]''Ash , Your So Bold''[/I] While Ash replies [I]''May be you didn't notice that thing was about to crash you ''[/I]

-Eri reveal to have a Rhyperior which took down the Mecha . Team Rocket tried to have a Pokemon Battle but Eri's Rhyperior blow them away before they could even throw their Pokeball Because Eri thinks they talk too much.

-In the next , Ash & Co meet Eri's Cousine who's looking for her . When she ask Eri about her whereabout and Eri replied that she trying to take the position of the Main heroin . Eri's Cousine has a habit of hitting Eri with a Paper fan for every ridiculous thing she say !

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