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Hurricane Kishore

A werid Question !!!!

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by , 7th October 2012 at 12:11 PM (297 Views)
Okay , You people remember Jimmy from ''Legend of Thunder'' !
So , If hypothetically You guys get to pick another Girl for Jimmy beside Marina then Whom do you guys will chose ?
I know , I know , Jimmy x Marina is a Cannon !
But I'm just asking Hypothetically .
There just so many choice like Jasmine , Candice , Skyla , Gerogia , Elesa , Caitlin , Winona , Flannary etc

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    I personally can't stand Jimmy or Marina being with him and I definetly can't see anyone else with him either. There was no one else he really interacted with other than with Harrison and Marina so ican't really answer this question. Maybe Lyra(The HG/SS girl) would be more of a match for him than anyone.