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  1. A XY series Fanfiction ! Need's Review!

    (Ash & a Female cast reach a Sudden city ! )

    Female Cast : So , This is where we suppose to meet the Photographer ! Okay, satoshi , Let........

    (She see Satoshi & Pikacha are standing in a front of Ice Cream truck)

    Satoshi : 2 Ice Cream For me & Pikachu !

    Female Cast : Satoshi , What are you doing ?

    Satoshi : Buying Ice cream , You want One !

    Female Cast : No , A superior Evolved being like me doesn't ...

    Updated 4th May 2013 at 08:42 AM by Hurricane Kishore

  2. I thought of Pokemon Best wishs Da !

    -Ash & Co go to a Island

    -Team Rocket tick them

    -Ash & Co Outsmart them

    -Team Rocket blast off .

    -Ash & Co look at the sunset with another character & Pokemon .

    -They all laugh Ha Ha Ha

    -To be continue

    [B][SIZE=4]Again Next episode [/SIZE][/B]

    -Ash & Co go to a Island

    -Team Rocket tick them

    -Ash & Co Outsmart them
  3. So Much !!!

    So much for Charizard vs Rashirem !
    So much for N vs Rashirem !
    I mean , What N did in this ark ?
    I guess the trash writer really did ruin him .
    They turn him into [B]A Character who specialty is getting beat up by other Pokemon and need somebody to save him ! [/B]
  4. Pokemon Movie 16 Trailer

    [SPOILER] [video=youtube;v=Rpn6nibaTSE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpn6nibaTSE[/video] [/SPOILER]

    I predict , Mewtwo will lose the 1st battle because it will be 5 vs 1 .
    Then Ash & Co will find a way to deal with other Genesect While Mewtwo has a rematch with Red Genesect .
    I want ,
    Mewtwo fight as Ash's Pokemon and defect Red Genesect ...

    Updated 7th March 2013 at 09:25 AM by Hurricane Kishore

  5. A Pokemon XY Series Joke !!!

    Female cast : So Ash , Your went to various place in your Pokemon Journey !

    Ash : Yes , I traveled the Whole Kento , Jotho , Hoenn ,Sinnoh & Unova region . I traveled there and complete in their League conference and now I'm come to this region .

    Female Cast : WoW , I can't believe you been to so many place's !

    Male Cast :[B] I can't believe Your still 10 [/B]!

    Ash : [IMG]http://www.filb.de/content/anime/p ...
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