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Hurricane Kishore

Charizard with no Seismic Toss ???

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It seem from the BW116 preview , Charizard forgot Seismic Toss .
Did Writer did that So Charizard can lose to Iris's Dragonite ???
After All , To Writer
Importance of Iris's fan > Importance of Ash fan !
Everybody expecting a tie or unresolved battle But I'm fearing a Defect !
Plus ,
Charizard name is before Dragonite's name !
As far as I know , The losing Pokemon name always written before the winning Pokemon name in a episode title !
Also ,
A Stupid Dragonite Destro coming up during the same time this episode will aired.
So , This Episode might be just an Advertisement for the Stupid Destro and Charizard is just a punching Bag !

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Updated 28th February 2013 at 08:20 AM by Hurricane Kishore



  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Charizard can win without it. He'd probably have a good chance at it, too, since Dragonite's a Flying-type and on the chunky side. Plus, I doubt Charizard could pin it long enough to do the long animation.
  2. Gengarzilla's Avatar

    Charizard has actually won battles without that move, go ask Gary's Scizor and Golem. Seriously, Dragon Claw and Dragon Tail would be much more helpful for a battle about Dragonite.
    No need to freak out right now, Charizard still has a good chance.