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  1. Lumiose City & Gym !

    By now , We all know that Ash start his journey to Kalo region from Lumiose City.
    But , That city is so Big and Well Design
    So , [B]Don't you think that Lumiose City must have a Gym ?[/B]
    And Ash starting from there.
    It Possibly might mean the 1st XY episode is about Ash challenging Lumiose City gym & LOSING !
    Unless , XY series has typical Shouene Anme beginning where the female lead meet the Protagonist and have wrong idea about him until he save her from ...

    Updated 30th June 2013 at 05:47 AM by Hurricane Kishore

  2. XY Series Fanfiction : Appear , Clueless Rival Eri

    (The chapter start with Ash , Rika & Sai traveling though a Forest when they see A girl pass down on the street .)

    Ash : Hey , Look ! Isn't that a girl ?

    Rika : Why she pass down on the street ?

    Ash : Let check it Out !

    (They get close to the girl and Ash hold her )

    Ash : Hey , Wake up !

    (The girl awake up and look at Ash & other with a Emotionless expression )

    Sai : She's Cuteeeeeee ...

    Updated 29th June 2013 at 12:03 PM by Hurricane Kishore

  3. Ash & Pikachu , You Bastard !


    Ash & Pikachu you Bastard !
    If Pikachu has skill like that then why didn't you two use it during Battle .
    Anyway , Another only thing this episode is that they brought a cute girl around Ash's age .

    Updated 28th June 2013 at 02:25 PM by Karamazov

  4. XY Ash : Training & Aging !

    [B]Anybody who want Ash to train under a Master trainer for 2 year and goes to Kalo region as a 12 year old boy Say YES ![/B]
    The Master trainer could be ether Bruno , Rilley Or Ash's father .
    Ether way , A Master trainer show up at the end BW and tell Ash that he Subconsciously lets his guard down against opponent with Disadvantage .
    Such as Trip (Rookie) , Homika (6 vs 3) ,Kotetsu (5 Vs 6) .
    That Why He lose so Badly So the Master Trainer offer Ash to train under him ...

    Updated 25th June 2013 at 10:09 AM by Hurricane Kishore

  5. The way Pokemon XY Anime should begin !

    [B][B]PS :I'm simply posting a BASIC storyplot for Pokemon X & Y Anime !
    The actual Anime should be as Good as this or better then this- [/B][/B]

    -1) The episode begin by showing 4 other NPC of Pokemon X & Y .
    First Screen : Serena wake up and look at the window . Then goes down-stare to have Breakfast.
    Second screen : Trevor studying and modifying his Pokedex .
    Third screen : Shauna sitting on a sofa & laughing at something on TV .

    Updated 24th June 2013 at 10:56 AM by Hurricane Kishore

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