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Hurricane Kishore

Ash's age in Gen VI !

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I think Ash should age in the possible Gen VI Series !
I mean , It becoming more & more irritating.
Also , It becoming harder to determinate other character age.
I believe , [B]Ash should be atleast 12 year old in Gen VI ![/B]
After all , 12 year old boy still a Kid !
Writer can show that Ash trained & Studied for 1 year before starting a new journey after Unova.
Let be honest , This something he really should do after his pathetic performance & failure in Unova.
Which is why , He will be More mature & intelligent then his previous self at the beginning of Gen VI Anime series.
Just like Cilan happen to be a fully developed connoisseur before he become a Cast member.
He completely crush every single connoisseur who appeared in that Show .
And surprisingly nobody ever complained about this but people has problem when Ash is treated like that.
But if Ash sidekick deserve to have everything Ash get as a Main character then Ash deserve to have everything they gets .
If he can't then there no reason to treat his sidekicks like a main character.
Ash hair style should change because his ''Dragonball style Spiky Hair'' is outdated !
I think his new hair-style should be like this-

Ya ya , That guy is blond (Cause I didn't find a black version of it) But I not saying that Ash should change his hair-color .
Just imagine that guy with Black hair and then you would see that this guys hair-style is perfect for Ash .

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  1. Asthaerignon's Avatar
    That hairstyle is actually a pretty good idea. Kudos to you.
  2. TFSpock's Avatar
    Yeah, I want Ash to age up to at least 12 in the next Gen. Unfortunately he will probably stay 10 for all eternity.

    Still, I would like to see Ash build directly off of Gen V in the next Gen instead of him resetting. Watching him regress to pre-Sinnoh was pretty rage-inducing.

    First time I saw the hairstyle, I wasn't sure if it would work or not but now I can definitely see Ash with that kinda hairdo. It would probably work.
  3. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    He should be more like a teenager unless each adventure only lasts a few months....really he should be like 20
  4. Miles101's Avatar
    Perhaps if he turned 12 it'd be cool...since 12-year-olds don't act much different from 10-year-olds. He doesn't even have to behave differently (I love his Idiot Hero status, honestly), just age a bit so that Dialga and Palkia don't explode from the sheer impossibility.
  5. Karisse's Avatar
    I want Ash to be so old that he's retired and we have a new protagonist >.>
  6. Force Fire's Avatar
    You do know that a majority of anime/cartoon characters never age right?
  7. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Force Fire;bt273743]You do know that a majority of anime/cartoon characters never age right?[/QUOTE]
    Because , Most anime protagonist like Ash become a World Champion by now .
    Then they get replaced .
    Unlike Ash who can't even won a simple League for 15 year !
  8. S.S. Shadow Minun's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Camila
    I want Ash to be so old that he's retired and we have a new protagonist >.>
    Even Tajiri's death didn't let Ash replaced with new protagonist in anime.
  9. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    [QUOTE=S.S. Shadow Minun;bt273775]Even Tajiri's death didn't let Ash replaced with new protagonist in anime.[/QUOTE]

    But the ''Humor'' of Pokemon Anime died along with Satoshi Tajiri !!!
  10. Pain Split's Avatar
    I'd like Ash to be a teenager in a side series. How about 15-ish? He'll face more than just the problems he has been for five generations. As a teenager, Ash will be able to make better decisions, have to deal with romance problems, etc. Also, the overall maturity of the Anime itself will have slightly increased, broadening the marketing age range for Pokémon to further give teenagers a feel for Pokémon while keeping it's childhood fans.

    Another side series that may or may not work well would involve a whole new time point relative to that of the original Anime. Many things will have vastly changed about the Pokémon world, maybe Pokémon themselves actually evolved, in the traditional sense, I mean. They still "evolve" like Pokémon do, but this time, each individual species looks a bit different from their previously seen depictions. Of course, we have a new protagonist, new antagonistic syndicate, blah blah blah. So, basically, this series is Pokémon, from a future perspective.
    Updated 1st March 2013 at 11:31 AM by Pain Split
  11. Caseydia's Avatar
    I don't know if Ash will be skipped to 12 years old like that when the just said he was ten when Best Wishes start. He could be eleven and then have a real birthday on screen to migrate into twelve that way it wouldn't confuse some viewers. And just because he's older doesn't mean that he still won't be stupid. The writers will do whatever they darn well please with him.
    Updated 12th March 2013 at 04:37 PM by Caseydia