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Hurricane Kishore

After Episode N ???

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As all of you know, Pokemon Season 2 Episode N will reach it climax in April .
So Question is , What Ash going to do after that ???
Off-course , I'm mainly worried about the upcoming battle between Dragonite & Charizard .
I seriously don't want Ash's Charizard to come back after 7 year so writer can use him as a punching bag to show how great Iris's Dragonite is !
But for some reason , Writer think we Ash-fan are garbage because we support the Protagonist .
They just love pissing us off .
Anyway ,
I actually thought that ''N'' might reveal himself to be the leader of another Team Plasma who still want to liberate Human and Pokemon.
So , He will take Rashirem after Colress and Ghysis awaken it and follow out his original plan So Ash will search for Zekrem in order to stop N .
But its really farfetched , Isn't it ?
Anyway I want,
[B]Ash to participate in a ''League-like'' Tournament with Full Battle call ''World Tournament Dritveil Cup/ Unova Cup'' after Episode N ! [/B]
Any Trainer with 8 badge's from any region can participate in this Tournament.
Anyway ,
Ash face Kotetsu in this Tournament again and this time he defect with with one less Pokemon.
Then he meets a trainer with Ninfia from Gen VI region and face him in the final.
Then he goes to the new region after learning about it from that Gen VI Trainer.
Its much better then watching stupid filler for 15 episode.
Also , It would be cool if Ash battle Trip and crush him with his Torterra until Coneckdurr defect it .
2 Pokemon will get redemption by this !
Then Oshawott face it and win after evolving into a Dewott.

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  1. Caseydia's Avatar
    You know, this is what was worried about too with Charizard. We know Dragonite is strong and we knew Charizard was. But since the Pikachu thing, I feel that Ash's pokemon strength needed to be powered down in order for some people to look strong. Which is why Charizard would need to be here at all. I don't want this battle to even take place. I think it's just a dumb waist of time.