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Well, here we are. One year since I joined BMGf, even almost down to the time of day.

And what a year it's been.

How did I get here in the first place, you might ask. It all started simply enough; with Cyndaquil. I Googled it to see when it would evolve. That's it. That's all. But on that day, I stumbled into a rabbit hole from which there would be no escaping.

But it's awesome, so I don't care.

I was first led to a Bulbapedia page, which became my temporary obsession. The 'pedia was my source for everything to do with Pokémon. I quickly found myself checking user pages to see what amazing people had created that site. I actually found the forums through Ryuutakeshi's now-deceased fanfic Son Of Earth. I'd spent most of the day afterwards checking every thread I could get my electrical hands on. I then, however, lost interest in BMGf almost as quickly as I had found it.

Almost two weeks later, I went back for literally no reason. I was just bored. Finding a few of Kyumorph's blogs, I became hooked once more. Five or six days after that, I worked up the nerve to join and never looked back.

Now it's time for the custom of the Bulbaversary blog. Mentions. Telling all of my friends on this site just how much they mean to me.

Warning: I'm dreadful with this kind of thing, but bear with me. I'll go in alphabetical order.

@Caprizant; How the hell did I meet you, anyway? Never mind, I'm just glad I did. You indirectly introduced me to a considerable amount of the people I mention further down, and for that I'm extremely thankful. However, that's not all that you've done. You're like the awesome brother of everybody at the Planetary Pitstop, as well as its king. I don't think I can name a single person on your friends list that hasn't been helped by you in some way. Thanks for everything you've done, Cap. You're a true friend.

@Cosmic Gerbil; You know, it's kind of funny. A few days before you joined, I couldn't get the thought out of my head that someday, soon, I'd see a thread in the Grotto from another metalhead. Then it happened, and it was awesome. You're a fantastic writer, not to mention incredibly funny. And there's finally someone else around that will understand my stupid Metallica jokes.

@Exor; Before beginning, I would like to direct your attention to the fact that I currently have more than 2000 posts over you. Check, if you don't believe me. Done? Okay. You were one of the first people I met on the Chat thread, which I genuinely wish I was more active in nowadays. It's amazing how you seem to be friends with absolutely everybody. I mean, eighteen thousand VMs? I doubt I'm fit to lick your boots in terms of social-ness. Even if you hardly know someone, you still manage to refrain from ripping their head off. And for that, I salute you.

@Fabled Mocker; It appears you've finally found a name to keep. Either that, or these new limits are tearing you up inside. I'm not good with reading people. At any rate, you are so hilarious that you were banned from Tea In The Garden. There aren't many people who can say that. You don't just start a conversation, you go up to them and launch into a tale of pan-universal genocide that still manages to be completely and utterly hysterical. You could win awards for it. I hope you do.

@HilbertCressLover; I'll get straight to the point; you're always there. No matter what, you're around to help. Like some kind of great-advice-dispensing machine. Or, more accurately, a give-great-advice-and-then-go-fangirl-over-DenialShipping-until-it-hurts machine. Yeah, that sounds about right. Additionally, though, might I recommend hiding while you fangirl? Cap might blast you into oblivion.

@Jack Pschitt; I've often found myself wondering why we didn't start talking earlier. After all, we were on each others' friend lists long before that fatal incident of me being used as your scapegoat so long ago in the Shipping Lane. Nevertheless, I'm glad that it all occurred. I'm not sure I've ever known anyone that understands me quite as well as you do. You're one of the few people out there that can actually cheer me up and even make me laugh. Don't stop breaking that promise. :3 I can't list everything you've done for me that I don't deserve. Putting up with all the crap that I do would be number one, though. I love you, broski.

@Kakuna Matata; Would I get in trouble if I said you were my favorite mod? Probably, so I'm not going to. Anyway, it's amazing that you always seem to be online. You're like the ideal staff member - caring, friendly, helpful, and willing to keep the forum alive... oh? What's that? I'll get banned if I say anything else? Whoops.

@Killua; Fellow vegetable and Soul Eater fan, it's been awesome knowing you. Although as I type this, I'm getting an odd flashback of your signature gif, which I shall not hunt down and post here lest I suffer a complete mental breakdown. Your "kyu pls"s and your "i can't work this tumblr thing"s are some of my fondest memories of this place. The Chat thread would be a dark, dark place without you around. For that matter, so would BMGf.

... ahem, you're a great person and I wish we could see you around more often. Look, the blog section is dying without you! You were one of the first friends I made here, and your blog, as I mentioned above, led to me joining this site. And the MSPA forums. And Tumblr. And start watching Soul Eater. And read Homestuck. Dammit, Kyu, what have I done that isn't your fault? Tell me, because I can't really think of anything.

@Lief; To start with, you and your princess should've had a proper wedding ceremony. Just saying. Because I can't get drunk if you two elope. You are the rightful king of the Cage, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you, and hold some position of authority over Mission-Out-Of-Control. Let's face it, chaos isn't chaos without you. And of course, you're not you without chaos.

@Locked In My Asylum; You've been a much better friend to me than I could ever deserve. The Hellsing fandom has a worthy representative in the Pitstop community. Also, your absolute intolerance and resistance to the unholy phenomenon known as "shipping" is both wonderful and fascinating. FISTS UP!

@NfiNity; I-I'm not trying to get your innocence ruined. No. Certainly n-not. Even if I was, Cap's doing such a great job the plan I had never could've worked. You two really are meant for each other. Though I'll never understand your obsession with jerks that do not conform to the List Of Awesome, you've still managed to be an incredible friend. In the future, though, ask someone else what all the double entendres mean.

@Princess of Lumas; AND HERE WE HAVE THE PERSON WHO KEEPS THROWING AROUND ALL THE DOUBLE ENTENDRES. As well as single and triple entendres. It's entendre-ception over here. For the most part, you have pretty good taste in music (DO. NOT. BRING. UP. METRO. STATION.) and we appear to share the common goal of getting as drunk as humanly possible, which logically makes you awesome. But I genuinely have no idea what a Luma is.

@Professor Erin; For some odd reason, the better part of my insane escapades around here (calling the cops for the sake of a dance routine, attempted robbery of Nathaly's freezer to get your soul back, torturing Charlie in a convoluted plan to get steel-toed boots) seem to involve you. I wonder why that is. But we've always somehow got out of them alive, and that's because of you. Although you started most in the first place. Your perverted tendencies (majority rules), your dancing robots, your Matsu obsession... all of it's the perfect combination of chemicals to make a terrific friend.

Presumably you'll all start yelling at me with "PYRADOX YOU HEARTLESS BITCH HOW DARE YOU FORGET ME I THOUGHT YOU CARED". Have fun with that.

But at any rate, thank you all. Each and every one of you makes Bulbagarden better. Unless you're a spambot. In which case, fuck off.

And that's the year, everybody!


Updated 29th August 2012 at 12:30 PM by Pyradox



  1. Neosquid's Avatar
    That was really nice. Happy Bulbaversay!
  2. Neon Borealis's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary.

    I hope to see you more often... even though we have never met each other...
  3. Ebail's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary. May you have many more years of metal bulba enjoyment.
  4. Dolce's Avatar
    Ehehe. Happy Bulbaversary my lovely assistant! Be assured we will have many more insane escapades in the near future!
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    TL;ORWYHTSAM (Too Long; Only Read What You Had To Say About Me)

    I've said before and I haven't gotten tired of saying that I love you, too.
  6. Pink Pompadour's Avatar
    -bumps fist- Thank you for your awesomely kind and amazing words about me, Pyra. :D

    Happy Bulbaversary! ^_^

    Hahahaha, I'm immune to shipping!!
  7. Caprizant's Avatar
    ^ Famous last words.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyradox
    How the hell did I meet you, anyway?
    Uh... good question. Besides being on BMGf, I have no clue. Music thread? :I

    Thanks for the words, by the way. Am I really at all helpful to anyone, though?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyradox
    Even if I was, Cap's doing such a great job the plan I had never could've worked. You two really are meant for each other.
    I feel lucky to have met her. :3

    But enough of the fluff, happy Bulbaversary! Was gonna drop a VM to you about it earlier, but I was waiting for Jack. :P
  8. Momoka's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary, Pyra! XD You're an incredible friend to me as well. X3
  9. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary Pyra~! Aw, thank you for saying that about me! :D I'm surprised Capri hasn't blasted me into oblivion yet. XD
  10. Erdrick's Avatar
    Thanks Pyra! Happy Bulbaversary! You can get drunk right now, y'know.
  11. Cosmic Gerbil's Avatar
    Hey, thanks for the mention and for saying such awesome things about me :3 Happy Bulbaversary :D Glad that you like my G rated stories :P \m/
  12. Karma Kidd's Avatar

    What can I say, when I party, I party hard xD. I also got banned from the regular chat thread as well lol

    Anyways, I hope ya are enjoying your genocidal bulbaversary and shiz.

    Make sure to eat lots of cake and bacon! Even better if its a cake made out of bacon~

    PS: Its the name restrictions, I'm still planning to change my name endlessly xD

  13. Princess of Lumas's Avatar
    It's a fucking star. In my sig. And thanks for the....well not kind. Revealing? comments about me. Glad I met you too Pyra, I wish we had talked earlier when I was Princess of Sorrows/emovampire1/Lady Gata
  14. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Would I get in trouble if I said you were my favorite mod? Probably, so I'm not going to.
    I won't tell if you won't. ;o
    Anyway, it's amazing that you always seem to be online.
    School and work have already kinda killed that recently, but we'll see as the months go on. xD

    Thank you for your kind words and my inclusion in your list of Bulba Buddies. :3c Here's to more good times in the Pit Stop and all of BMGf!
  15. Judai Yuki's Avatar
    @Pyradox Really late reply, but Pyra - that means a lot to me. (: Congratulations on making it to a year!

    Here's my present


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