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It's been a long time since I've rock and rolled

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by , 5th August 2013 at 01:04 PM (280 Views)
1. Okay, let's start with the basics! Name?
"Dumbass piece of shit who never acco--", no, sorry, that's the byline.

2. Birthday and age at time of doing this survey?
Eff off.

3. Eye color?
Brown. I'm Miss Generica 2013.

4. Hair color?
Brown. Ha. I deserve my crown.

5. Describe yourself in 8 words or less!
Stupid, deluded, married to a guitar, batshit insane. There, done.

6. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend at the moment?

7. If not, do you have a crush on someone?
Crush? Crush? CRUSH?

8. Looks or personality?
You'd have to be one shallow bitch to choose looks.

9. Money or Love?
No good experiences with either.

10. Rich or poor?
Both would kind of suck.

11. Smart or dumb?
The hell is "smart"?

12. Loud or quiet?
I don't want to be alone with my thoughts.

13. Romantic or spontaneous?
What does that even mean?

14. Cute or hot?
God, I don't know...

15. What age do you want to get married at?
Like I'd get married.

16. Do you like manga/anime?
No. Not really.

17. What's your favorite... Book?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

18. TV show?
Doctor Who.

19. Film?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

20. Computer game?
Brutal Legend.

21. Tea, hot chocolate or coffee?
Tea, unless some fuck threw milk in it.

22. Dark, milk or white chocolate?
Dark chocolate.

23. Pepsi or Coke?
I don't drink either.

24. Orange or apple?
Apples, definitely.

25. Christmas or Halloween?
Technically, I'm not supposed to do either, so...

26. McDonalds or Burger King?
Burger King.

27. Japan or Australia?
Burger King.

28. Dog or cat?
No experience with either, darlin'.

29. Hug or kiss?
Can't you get cooties from both?

30. Chocolate or vanilla?
Damned if I know.

31. Summer or Winter?

32. Name 10 of your friends...
I'm not naming them, but considering the following questions, I do have an (admittedly alphabetical) list.

33. How many could you trust with your life?

34. If the first one you listed told you they were pregnant, what would you do?
I'd be happy for her, unless it was that douchebag I thought she was done with.

35. If the second one were to go out with the fifth one, what would you do?
There's no way they would meet.

36. If the eighth one were to marry the tenth one, what would you do?
Crash their wedding, maybe.

37. Describe the first friend listed in 10 words or less.
Brilliant person with great taste in music.

38. And the second one!
Couldn't find a description if I tried.

39. And the third one!
Wouldn't mind if she never shut up.

40. What does the 12th message in your inbox say?
It's a fair three pages long, so.

41. Do you have an eBay account?

42. Do you smoke?
I won't say I haven't tried.

43. Do you drink?
I might.

44. What's your favorite song at the moment?
Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy.

45. Do you have any tattoos? And if not, do you want any?
I don't and I don't know.

46. Do you think you're smart?
No fucking way.

47. Would you rather go Zorbing or bungee jumping?
Bungee jumping.

48. If you could have any super-power, what would it be?
To read minds at will.

49. Do you know what Kingdom Hearts is?
Only vaguely.

50. Where's the furthest you've been from home?
I've been everywhere, man.

51. If the world was gonna blow up and the only way to save it was to kill yourself, would you do it?

52. Have you ever visited a Starbucks?
I counted six "playwrights" and two "novelists".

53. What's your favorite girl's name?

54 And... boys name?
Nearly anything starting with a J is good.

55. What's your favorite animal?
Ain't got one.

56. How long have you had Bebo for?
A what now?

57. What school do you go to? If you've left, where do you work?
A hellhole.

58. What's the best way to annoy someone in a lift?
Stab them.

59. Have you ever purposely made someone jealous?
Lord yes.

60 What model is your phone?
Some old Samsung thing I don't know

61. What type of house do you live in?
A... a house?

62. Do you like Family Guy?
With my soul.

63. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Not answering this.

64. Have you ever had your own heart broken?
In slow process right now, darlin'.

65. What would be your ideal date?
How would I know?

66. Are you a fast typer?
Sort of.

67. Do you type with double or single spaces?
People actually type with double spaces?

68. Who do you give the most Luv to on Bebo?

69. Do you own an iPod?

70. Have you ever been to Disneyland?
Many times.

71. Tony Blair or Gordon Brown?
I don't speak British politics.

72. Do you have any weird habits or quirks?
I'm sure, I'm sure.

73. Black or white?

74. Gold or silver?
I should be so lucky.

75. Blue or pink?

76. Red or orange?

77. Green or purple?
Tough call.

78. Do you have braces?

79. Do you have glasses?
I was cursed.

80. If you were a Final Fantasy character, who would you be?
What's that?

81. Favorite ice-cream flavor?
Cookies and cream.

82. Do you like your parents?

83. Are you a neat freak?
I suppose so.

84. Who is your other half on Bebo?

85. Do you have Sky TV?

86. Do you like the way you look?
Lord no.

87. Do you own Mario Kart?

88. Who's better, Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad?
Luigi, because Peace is a dumb broad, Toad is motherfucking Toad, and Mario's name is "Mario Mario".

89. Do you like football? If so, what team do you support?
I assume this means British-wise, in which case, no.

90. Do you have a Facebook account?
I stabbed it.

91 What's your favorite holiday? (e.g. Christmas, Halloween...)
My birthday OOH

92. When was your first ever kiss (and what happened)?
My what now

93. Have you ever prank called someone?

94. Avril Lavigne or Pink?
Don't listen to either.

95. Jason Mraz or Jordan Jansen?
Don't listen to either.

96. Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco?
Don't listen to either.

97. Well, that's the end of the (amazingly long) survey! Any famous last words?
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