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Sleep Deprived Randomness

Random crap. Enjoy.

  1. Well then.

    I've never particularly cared about religion. In fact, over the last few weeks I've seriously considered just officially calling myself agnostic. However, I found out that if I do, I get cut off from the trust fund that would pay for a great amount of my future college education. I'm not sure what to do.

    No idea why I felt like telling you guys this. I suppose I needed to say it to someone, though, because this has sort of been eating me up inside for the past little while.
  2. My first blog entry!

    Well, not really. But sort of. In a way. You get my point. That's about it.
  3. Holy crap.

    Local times don't show up anymore. For me, at any rate.

    This has been another irrationally short blog entry by Pyradox.

    It's Christmas Eve over here, so I figured I'd just wish the best for all of you guys. :D
  5. So the world's going to end in a few days, right?

    What are our plans?
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