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Fuzzy squeaky baby seagulls!!

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So I was in my kitchen today and I heard squeaking, looked out of my window down onto the roof (would you call it a roof?) and OMG cute little fuzzy seagull-babies!

A few weeks ago, there was a Mummy and Daddy seagull family with 3 little eggs that were living in a little nest on the roof that I can climb out onto from the windows in the stairwell of my flats, on the part that was growing grass. My friend who was briefly my flatmate use to feed the seagull family before the eggs had hatched but after he moved out a week ago, I had completely forgotten about the seagull family (the nest is hard to see from my window because I have to climb out of the window and onto the roof to see it) until today! They're so cute looking and fuzzy! I fed Daddy-Seagull some bread and took a cute picture of his 3 little babies

Spoilering for cuteness overload

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  1. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    Oh. My. God. They're cute and they're fluffy and they're speckled and AHHHH IT'S TOO MUCH
    Nothing's better than fuzzy baby birds. I watch swallows grow up every year, and they look a lot like these little guys.
  2. Chibster's Avatar
    Awww they're so cute!!! x3 I'm a sucker for baby birds!! XD


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