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The Best Tales

Come and listen to the insane ramblings of a drunken fool as I randomly talk about random things at random.

I dunno what this blog'll be like, or how often it'll update, or anything like that. I guess we'll see how long I can stay focused on one thing, because I have a very short attention span.


  1. Video Game challenge Day Seven

    by , 7th October 2011 at 10:54 PM (The Best Tales)
    A week of this? It's still Friday in my time zone....

    My favorite game couple? Probably one of the first that wasn't Mario/Peach that I'm familiar with.

    Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea (Aileron)

    The things that makes Stahn and Rutee my favorite couple is that back-to-back badasses thing they have going on. Rutee and Stahn have good chemistry, and it's made (maybe a ...
  2. Video Game Challenge: Day Six

    by , 6th October 2011 at 08:55 PM (The Best Tales)
    Today's the day we determine who is the most annoying character. And I have a doozy of a doozy for you today.

    Piros (and his descendant, Piros the Third) are constantly interrupting the player's journey in the .hack series. They intrude on the interesting plots and go force Kite and Haseo to go do random MMO crap ...
  3. Video Game Challenge: Day Five

    by , 5th October 2011 at 10:34 PM (The Best Tales)
    Today's challenge thing is determining which character you feel you're the most like.

    So for this one, I've got one I feel like is a lot like me. It's a shame I don't like her very much.

    Far from my favorite character in the Tales series (not even my favorite Eternia character), I am nonetheless very like Farah Orested.

    You see, Farah is ...
  4. Video Game Challenge: Day Four

    by , 4th October 2011 at 03:37 PM (The Best Tales)
    It's that time again. No, not to floss, or to wave your butt in the air, or to even spin the wheel of morality. It's time for day four of the Video game Daily Challenge Blogging Extravaganza!

    Day Four A guilty pleasure game...

    (Sorry I'm borrowing your image Play Asia)

    Anyway, it's this. This sugary sweet, silly game that is my gaming guilty pleasure. It's packed with songs, but the game ...
  5. Video Game Challenge: Day Three

    by , 3rd October 2011 at 03:14 PM (The Best Tales)
    It's that time again. For me to post about the video game challenge as a flimsy reason for me to have a Blog.

    Day 3 is a Game that is underrated...

    We got this game and we didn't even know what a Goemon was.

    But it plays like an early Ocarina of Time, with exploration, dungeons, fighting with weapons, exploration with new weapons. It's a blast to play. And ...
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