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When I watch BW episodes

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In case anyone's a bit confused about my commenting on BW episodes, I picked up watching the episodes in Japanese (a language I unfortunately don't speak, I'd love to learn though) with the BW47/48 double after reading the comments on it, but am only watching them without subtitles, as I'd prefer to wait until the dub to understand the episodes, and hope that by the time they are dubbed, I've forgotten enough of the episodes to enjoy them the second time around.

That has two side effects, I have no idea what happens in the Japanese episodes leading up to BW47, and then I only know what I've seen out of the later episodes, so I avoid commenting on them until I see them in English. Confusing I know, but I think it solves the problem of me being impatient to watch the episodes as they air, but while enjoying the dub.

Not that anyone cares of course :).

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