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, 25th February 2012 at 06:27 AM (245 Views)
A bit back I wrote a review of Pokemon Ranger, a game I was surprised to be impressed by, and at the end mentioned I intended to give Pokemon Mystery Dungeon a go. Well I did, and played for a few hours before I took the cartridge out of my DS and haven't put it back in.

I got the game in its Explorers of Sky form, and after getting a Bulbasaur the first time through, I reset and managed to get Pikachu - was aiming for Turtwig, but instead chose one as my partner Pokemon. Up to that point it held my attention, and I got through the first two missions, but that was the limit of what I could take of the gameplay. I just can't put myself through repetitive dungeon after dungeon, even if it is Pokemon related - there just isn't enough there to keep my interest. I might pick it up again if I'm really bored, but the storyline so far seems to be exactly - almost to the word - that of the anime specials, which means that there's little reason to play through to get to find out more about the storyline. It also suffers extremely from driving every point to the dumbest of audiences - I complained about some of those sequences in Pokemon Ranger, but Ranger at least had scope for thinking about creative solutions, or at least a need to think.

It's probably not a bad game for the intended audience, but the concessions Mystery Dungeon makes to help a younger audience play it result in too little left for older fans. Perhaps it improves later on, but I can't get myself to play through again. I look forward to hearing how Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition is received and whether it will be a good example of a spin off title - especially as it seems to target an older audience than even the mainline games.

Another thing I wrote a while back was a post wondering about Digimon, based on having accidentally caught an episode on TV. Well feeling a bit bored today I decided to take a look at Xros Wars - and I'm reasonably impressed. I've seen the first two episodes so far so I'm not going to start making conclusions, but the story seems to be developing nicely and I'm enjoying the writing and character interactions. I'm certainly not going to start trying to care about which Digimon is which or join a Digimon equivalent of Bulbagarden - but I like it and will keep watching.

My previous blog was about the various opening songs to Pokemon. A few changes since then, Spurt has really grown on me after a few extra listens since and I've decided I like the non-Movie arrangement of Battle Frontier better. In addition, as I've posted, I quite like the Rival Destinies song. Though one issue I think it raises is the oddity of the timing on all these duets, it would have been much better to do that during DP, where you had the Dawn and Ash co-star. Even better if the US voice actors could sing the parts, but a song that talks about 'me and you' and 'we are together now' would fit in far better with a series where that is the theme of things. I can only presume the intention is a reference to Ash and Pikachu - because I certainly don't see any other way that sort of message is reflected in BW, or of course that you're not supposed to take any inference that the opening song is supposed to have any relation to the show it starts...

That's what sucks about the dub openings in general - the fact they are not in universe like the Japanese ones are - they don't have to be sung by the voice actors, but if they aren't - and aren't trying to do an in-universe link to the content, why are they singing in the first person? I don't care all that much about the dub replacing music - it's one of those "I'd rather they didn't" things instead of something I'd get angry about, but the original certainly does a far better job of considering the context of music used.

Anyway, if you have a suggestion of something you'd like to hear my thoughts on, let me know. Otherwise, thanks for reading.

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