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Kalos Dex Completion!

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Yay! This feels like a real big achievement. It was nice finishing the complete dex in Pokemon White a while back - but in the current Gen VI environment with no trading with previous gens, it's really been fun seeing just how much I could collect.

I gave myself one main rule - I wasn't going to just go through and organise trades via forums or anything - just exclusively what I could get through Wondertrade, the GTS or random passerbys (the trading in that is a step backwards from the old offers system in Gen V). That made the trade held evolutions really tough, so basically it meant looking frequently on the GTS for evolved Pokemon or those with items using other Pokemon I was able to get directly.

I did quite a few bad trades, but I factored in the fact I'll eventually have the Pokemon Bank and the half a dozen Mewtwo that I've collected over the years - so I was willing to give up rarer Pokemon for the path to a bunch of others - in this case a Scizor for my Mewtwo. The 'worst' trade was probably Yveltal for Electivire - but that was traded on to get me a Slowking. I was going to try to swap the Electivire for a Rhyperior - but my lucky capture of a wild Politoed earlier was enough. I ended up trading the Rhyperior for a Chandelure - because of how there aren't enough stones to go around, and I'd probably explode trying to do more Super Training to get enough.

Some of the hardest Pokemon would have been Gliscor and Weavile - getting enough BP was painful. My Weavile ended up being traded for a Delcatty - again, simply because of how painful finding enough stones was. Zapdos for a Kingdra was up there for a terrible trade - but it helped just get it done when I was so close to the end of the dex.

It's kinda underwhelming that you get something for hatching eggs after seeing everything, and nothing after catching everything besides those little crowns in the Pokedex. Still, the sense of achievement is bigger than it has been for a while - that you can't just catch the new Pokemon in the region and then just trade everything else over.

Just looking at the current state of the national dex, it seems to mostly be the other region's starters and legendaries and other Pokemon that seem to not have been found yet by anyone based on GTS searches.

As an aside, that timeline feature on the Global Link is great for going through this stuff.

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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Congratulations! I just finished getting all the obtainable Pokemon in the game(595) this weekend! Don't forget to get your Oval Charm from Sycamore!


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