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I just posted a few days ago about buying a 3DS in the hope of games coming out at some point in the future, I didn't hear about the upcoming Pokemon Direct thing until after buying it - so the announcement was a a total and brilliant co-incidence for me.

This will be the first time I'll experience the whole next-generation build up hype. As a kid I remember playing translated roms of Gold and Silver - including getting to the Pokemon league gate and answering Yes to the guy who would send you back home because by that stage only the Yes/No was in English. A bit later, I got a Game Boy Color with either Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Crystal - my memory is a bit crap at this point, but those are certainly the two versions I ended up having - I was the third child, I got the third version...

As the years went by though, my interest waned and I sold my Game Boy and most of the games I had - I think I got some more games for the Playstation with the money, but that's basically where I left off.

I believe it's still true to today that the only Game Boy Advance game I've ever played on an actual GBA is Kuru Kuru Kururin on a friend's console; suffice to say the third generation passed me by for a long time.

I did pick up a DS Lite a while after their release - I think 2007? And I'm sure I might have quickly played Diamond or Pearl on one of those things that make games I didn't own magically work, but didn't really get into it - but I mostly used my DS for things like the Brain Training games. I made a really nice sauce with Cooking Guide once...

Anyway, that fun passed as well - after being consigned to a drawer for a while, this time in favour of an Xbox 360, I sold it off again.

The GameCube is where my Pokemon story picks up again - after the Wii had been out for a while at the end of 2008, GameCubes got really cheap - but by the time I decided it might be a good idea to get one (not sure why I wanted one), the store was out of them (despite still having the boxes on display) - that disappointment stuck with me for quite a while, until I finally gave in and paid far more than I should have to just finally get one.

Only problem is that the games were almost totally gone from stores by that point - I did find one though - a copy of Pokemon Colosseum - so in the want for something to play on my shiny old GameCube, I bought it.

It was a good reintroduction to the series - including a lot of gameplay elements I'd like to see again - but it reignited my interest.

A GameBoy Player later and I started replaying the old GameBoy titles - mostly Yellow and Silver, which by then had found itself into my game collection.

A short time later, I'd found myself getting a copy of Sapphire and playing through that, and a bit after that, found myself watching some episodes of the anime again.

Starting at the very start, I worked my way through catching up on what I'd missed - as in everything, I'd watched a bit of it as a kid, but the opening song was about the only thing that stuck in my head.

So, by the time I got to Diamond and Pearl, with very little memory of a quick play of it about 4 years beforehand, it was strange genuinely asking 'who's that Pokemon?'. When I got to Black and White, it was even more surprising, I hadn't seen any of them before and never played the games.

I joined here on Bulbagarden just after I caught up - I was kinda shocked getting to the one week between episodes delay after going through watching several episodes a day over about a year to get up to that point.

So, with that new found time and a reignited interest in Pokemon, I bought another DS and a copy of Pokemon White - which I chose because I'd read about the extra Pokemon you could get in White Forest over the Black Version.

After finishing the game, I started wanting to fill in the gaps. I bought Pokemon Platinum to go back and play Gen IV, then I got SoulSilver and before I knew it I now had about 10 Pokemon games for the DS alone.

So I've had the experience of coming into a new generation totally surprised and after seeing some of the anime of it first - but the announcement on Gen VI is the first time I'll be going along for the ride of the slow drip out of information and Pokemon - and I can't wait.

It's also strange to think about how I could have just as easily kept on with mostly disinterest about the new games. But I'm so glad now that I didn't. Thanks Arceus.

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