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, 3rd January 2013 at 06:30 AM (427 Views)
Nintendo finally got my money today - I'd been thinking about replacing my DS Lite for a while, but the lack of specific games that I wanted on the device had held me back up until this point, something that's still probably true - but I took a gamble that by the time the 3DS main series Pokemon games are out, there's no chance the systems will be as cheap as they seem to be right now, even if it will probably be the end of the year at the earliest before the games are released (especially outside Japan).

I currently literally don't own a non-Pokemon game for the DS - so I'll be taking a wider look at the library this time around on the 3DS, I'm downloading about half the demos in the store as I write this to see what's good out there. The standard DS games don't look that nice to me on the screen, but I'm quite impressed with the limited 3DS stuff I've seen.

I was slightly worried about the 3D side of things after watching a 3D movie at IMAX made me sick, but I'm not having any problems with the 3DS - though it's freaky to look at a 3D image on a flat screen.

The first thing I got was the Pokemon Dream Radar, which to me trying out the system for the first time is really interesting - though I'm very glad the house was empty when I played it and was walking around pointing the system around the lounge room. Caught a Munna and a Riolu so far, though I hear that there's only a small number in total to get anyway, it still seems worth it.

I'm looking forward to trying a few more games out, and now I'm just that little bit more excited about the next gen of Pokemon now that I'll be able to play them.

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