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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog


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by , 6th October 2011 at 03:09 PM (194 Views)
We did it! We did it!


We diiid IT! We diiid IT! No eatin' here tonight, no eatin' here tonight, WHOO you on a diet--

Okay, enough with the Finding Nemo reference. As you might have been able to tell within the span of time I was offline today, I got that .gif up and running. Over the course of the past three weeks;

1) I made the very first incarnation of it in Windows Movie Maker at home in about one hour. I later found out you can't make a WMM project into a .gif, so then;

2) I saved all the frames onto an SD card and brought it to my local tech center, where I was conveniently just starting classes, where over the course of two weeks (three days where I actually went to the tech center, and about two hours actually working on it) I got the hang of Photoshop and made it all over again. Next;

3) I saved this second incarnation of it as a PSD file, then took that PSD file, copied it, and turned it into a .gif. I tried to put it in my signature, but apparently it was too big. So then today;

4) I (with a lot of help from the guys at the tech center) took the .gif, copied it, and resized that copy. For lots of reasons I'd rather not go into details about because it would reveal that I am heavy weapons guy, it still wouldn't go into my signature. So then;

5) I (mostly the guys at the tech center) took that copy of the copy of the remake of the original, dragged it around the Internet in a little Radio Flyer wagon and shoved it into several sites, hoping to find one that worked like Photobucket (where you simply post an image to get a URL code of it), only without having to make an account. Wwe found one called TinyPic, and got the URL code of the resized .gif, which is what you now see in my signature.

And THAT is the whole story of my signature/metaphorical child. The result of approximately five hours total time, stretched over three weeks, of actual, old-fashioned effort.

... So yeah. That's it.

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