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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog

A Pokemon-Related Blog for Once

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Warning: The spoiler tag below contains a spoiler. Go figure.

I'm writing this paragraph to push the imminent spoiler past the allotted space given in the front page's preview window, which ignores spoiler tags. This paragraph serves no purpose other than to take up space. You could ignore this paragraph and skip to the topic of this blog post if you like, or maybe you could stay and appreciate my skills at writing meaningless drivel. It's a strategy I learned to get around the word count minimums imposed on me at school when I write an essay. Maybe some day I could teach you, reader, the intricate art of drivel, but for now I must maintain this paragraph's trite unnecessity. Now confident that this paragraph has fulfilled its purpose of stunting the below spoiler's opportunity to break through the walls of my spoiler tag and inspire a deluge of ravenous commenters calling for my head on a silver platter by reason of spoiling them, I end this paragraph with the following summary of its content: thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp.

Without further ado, my two cents.

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  1. Harubi's Avatar
    I was honestly hoping there'd be more.. But oh well. I just like exploring and discovering new things. I've already seen the previous Pokémon, so yeah :P
  2. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
    You are not alone. I'm also okay with only having around seventy new Pokémon as well, not that I wouldn't have minded more than that either.


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