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Happy Black Friday

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by , 25th November 2011 at 10:41 AM (189 Views)
Happy f***ing Black Friday. I think I'll rant for a second on how much I hate Black Friday.

You don't want me to do it? Well screw you, I'm doing it.

I despise Black Friday. First of all, it's the day after Thanksgiving, and there's a limited supply of things on sale. That's why you see people camping out for Black Friday sales.

Now, to make my first point against this sad excuse for a "holiday", why the hell is it the day after Thanksgiving? Why the fudge did they make it so people spend Thanksgiving in a parking lot surrounded by a bunch of yammering strangers?

Second, there's an extremely low supply of items on sale. And these items are dirt cheap. Do they want to cause a crowd crush? Black Friday literally injures people, and I know for a fact that one person has died. All because of manic consumers and this stupid sale.

So there you go. I hate Black Friday. Now, to look on the bright side, people don't have to show up to it. I didn't this year, and I never will. But the sale itself is amazingly poorly thought out.
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    On the plus side, Amazon.com has no lines, and still does Black Friday deals.
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    Y'know, I never thought of that... I suggest people do that from now on, instead of spend Thanksgiving in a parking lot and risking injury in the morning.


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