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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog

Eh, might as well...

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by , 27th August 2011 at 07:08 PM (259 Views)
Yay, more spammy goodness to clutter up the Internet with.

1. How old are you? 14
2. What gender are you? Hold on... *zip* Yep, I'm a dude.
3. What are you wearing? A Blue Man Group t-shirt and white shorts
4. Where are you at this moment? The den (that's where the computer is, duh)
5. Where were you born? Dearborn, Michigan, USA
6. When were you born? March 28, 1997
7. What is your name? Blaize
8. What is your eye colour? Brown. Boring old brown.
9. What is your current hair colour? Brown. Boring old brown.
10. What is your skin colour? Well, I'm Caucasian, if that's what you mean...
11. If you have scar, how did you get it? Acne. F***ing acne.
12. What colour are the walls in your room? White. Boring old white.
13. What is your most prized possession/s? Pssh, I dunno
14. What is your zodiac sign? Aries
15. If you have any phobias, what phobia/s do you have? Open water
16. How many pets do you have? I've lost count of my brother's reptiles, other than that, 3
17. What is your favourite colour? Black
18. Do you have a crush on someone? Not really
19. How many siblings do you have? One younger brother
20. What's your favourite drink? EGGNOG
21. Cats or dogs? Dogs
22. What is your favourite fast food? Umm... I dunno...
23. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? BACON
24. Would you say you are tall or short? Tall. Oh so very tall.
25. Tea or coffee? Neither. Blegh.
26. Do you have free or attached earlobes? I don't know how to judge that...
27. Which country do you live in? The United States
28. Favourite band? Coldplay
29. Favourite TV show? I dunno...
30. Can you roll your tongue? No... :'(
31. Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous? Right-handed
32. Favourite musical? I dunno...
33. Have you got a job? Nope
34. What's the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you? Uh... Next question.
35. Which continent do you live in? North America
36. Say a number from 1 to 100. 63
37. Say a letter from A to Z. B
38. Say a random word. Possum
39. Have you ever felt guilty over something? Yeah
40. What were you doing before you started answering these questions? I was at a museum
41. Why are you answering these questions? Spammy goodness
42. Mario or Sonic? ...That's a difficult question. I don't know.
43. What would you do if video games were illegal? Complain because that's a stupid law
44. What do you want for your birthday? I dunno...
45. How many kids do you want, if any? 2 at most, and they MUST be adopted. Adopted kids rule.
46. What is your first name? Blaize
47. What is your middle name? Butler
48. Do you like your middle name? It's my mom's last name. I dunno...
49. What did you dream of last? I have no clue...
50. When did you get up this morning? Maybe 9:00 AM, I dunno
51. What did you last eat? Sundae
52. What time is it at the moment? 7:50. Or something like that.
53. If you're not a vegetarian, what is your favourite meat? TURKEY
54. Are you a vegetarian? No
55. Are you diabetic? No
56. Any bad habits? Not really
57. If you dyed your hair this second, what colour would you dye it? Black
58. If you were someone else, would be friends with you? I'd probably get repulsed by my/his rudeness.
59. What animal would you want to be? I dunno...
60. What was the last thing you said? "No, nothing THAT personal..."
61. What is your dream job? Director
62. Have you ever met a famous person? No...
63. If yes, who? I said no, dang it!
64. Are you ever sarcastic? Pssh, DUH
65. What do you look for in a guy/girl? They aren't a d***
66. Favourite song? I dunno...
67. What's your favourite Pokemon? I dunno... Umbreon, maybe?
68. Where do you wish you could live? Key West, Florida (though I'm probably gonna have to live in Los Angeles to be a director)
69. What do you want written on your gravestone? I dunno, something deep, I guess...
70. What's your favourite ice cream flavour? CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH
71. Favourite food group? ...What is this "food group" you speak of?
72. Red or blue? Blue
73. Who/what do you miss right now? Nothing much... I'd like some bacon though...
74. If you could, would you have plastic surgery? NO
75. Do you have an arch nemesis? The world.
76. What's your mum's name? Suzanne
77. What number is your house? Uh...
78. Last thing you drank? Water
79. Last person you talked to? My brother
80. If any, which video game can't you wait for? None, really...
81. Thing you hate the most? Being misunderstood!
82. Favourite drink? I dunno...
83. Favourite sea bird? Skimmer
84. Burgers or Hot Dogs? Hot dogs, b****!
85. Can you play an instrument? Does the kazoo count?
86. If so, which instrument? ...I just said kazoo...
87. Favourite season? Fall/Autumn
88. Favourite time of the year? The holidays
89. Favourite vehicle? I dunno...
90. Have you ever tried sushi? Eat raw fish that's rolled in seaweed? Sounds great to me...
91. Last thing you watched? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
92. Favourite hour? I'm sorry, but I've never given much thought as to what my favorite hour of the day is...
93. Grab the nearest book and write the first sentence. "People often ask me, 'Dave, what's the best part of being a humor columnist?'"
94. Summer or winter? Winter
95. Kisses or hugs? Hugs
96. Are your fingers getting tired? A little
97. Do you wish this was the last question? Kinda...
98. Favourite letter? J
99. Try and write your name with your nose. Blaize
100. Are you glad that this quiz is over? Pretty relieved...

Yep, let the stalking begin...

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