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Delayed Reaction, Pt. 2

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If anybody remembers my blog entry "Delayed Reaction", you'll know as of that entry, I was ecstatic about X and Y. It was like the stars and the planets had aligned themselves perfectly and created the ideal Pokemon generation. But of course, as I predicted, as more information about the games was revealed, my skeptical side returned. Mega Evolutions? Kinda strange. Some of these new Pokemon like Noivern, Tyrantrum, and Chesnaught? Not as bad as some of the past couple of generations in this regard, but still just a little over-designed, just a little too much detail in my eyes. Not to mention Delphox creeps me out.

But then, the games started to make up for it. Only about 70 new Pokemon this time around? Sweet relief, as far as I'm concerned! A very successful conversion into 3D? Check. Mega Evolutions? The restrictions put on their use and their temporary effects are good in my book.

And now, my main inspiration for writing this continuation of my first "Delayed Reaction", the final starter evolutions, specifically, their typings. Finally, for the first time since Generation II, when none of the starters gained a secondary type and I liked it that way, the starters all gain secondary types that actually add to the cyclical rock-paper-scissors dynamic of Grass-Water-Fire! I love this new Grass/Fighting-Water/Dark-Fire/Psychic set-up, and it's about time they did it! I don't know if the starters are going to revert back to their old, decision-swaying, nonsensical typings next generation (because as we all know, Pokemon will come out with a new generation every three or four years until the end of time), but as for Generation VI alone, I can't wait to own it.

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