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Dear Abby

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by , 20th January 2013 at 12:26 PM (285 Views)
Any advice for a guy who's having serious thoughts of cutting himself?

Hopeless in Florida

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  1. maglev's Avatar
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    Dear Jack

    I very often have thoughts about cutting, or otherwise harming my self becuase I suffer from severe depression. It can be very hard to cope with, especially unmedicated. Before I even admitted to my parents that I'm depressed, I had constant thoughts about running into traffic. But I didn't, I held on to the few things that made my life worth living, my freinds, my family, the love of my life. I didn't want to kill myself and upset them. I couldn't do it.

    If you aren't on antidepressants, go see a doctor for them. They take a while to have even a noticible affect. But they certainly take the edge of depression. I'm not cured, I'm only a month into treatment, but I'm getting help, and so can you.
  2. Niji's Avatar
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    Hey. I've been there many times. Fighting those thoughts can be the hardest thing. I used to hate myself more for getting depressed, since I thought I was being ungrateful. I finally figured out that I'm either extremely moody, or I have a mental disorder. Sometimes I feel angry, sometimes broken, and worst of all, sometimes empty. Remember, you're a cool guy and you don't deserve to hurt yourself that way. Find a less destructive way to get out your pain. I like listening to good music or watching a TV show I like. Focus on those awesome things in the future, planned or unplanned. Focus on some feeling that keeps you sane. It would be good if you could do something creative like writing songs, drawing, or writing stories. I use writing as a way to express my anger, satisfy my need for violence, and my passive-aggressive revenge on the world. I find the biggest thing is just promising yourself to never stop fighting, even if at times you forget what your fighting for. You should also make sure you get some medication that you find helpful. Good luck, and take care.


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