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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog

Apparently I Started a Band Wagon

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by , 23rd September 2012 at 08:16 PM (290 Views)
I should get bored more often.

Well, let's see, since my blog was a serious thought (I was bored, but it was a serious thought, I can assure you) instead of a sheep-like band wagon, and since I'm a narcissist and I'm sure you guys are dying to see my results, I'm going to add up all the answers and take a final tally.

Hypothesized most prominent response: "Fuck no"
No - 2
Maybe - 1 (make up your mind, @Karamazov;)
Sure, whatever, come smoke a joint with me, brother - 1 (I probably should've lumped this one in with "yes", but it seemed so @Mako;)
Yes - 1
Joke - 2 (thanks for nothing, @Caprizant; and @User_Name; :I)

I also got a "yes" from @Pyradox;, but she's in love with me, so that doesn't count.
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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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  2. Caprizant's Avatar
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    I thought Pyra's would go under "maybe" because she didn't want you to, since you'd become "responsible." :P
  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    Much better.

    And also you'd be a terrible mod. You should've been perma-banned. :I
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  4. User_Name's Avatar
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    Your welcome for nothing!


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