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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog

All secrets must be blown...

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Well, I was watching My Little Pony on YouTube just now, and what happens?

Well, first of all, some backround: I watch My Little Pony in secret, for fear of ridicule. I have a horrid fear of ridicule (at least, by people I hang out with a lot, it's not like I'm too afraid to pursue my dream of being a director or anything). So, I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic without anybody else's knowing. And what happens?

My stupid brother (two years my junior) walks in! I make a face that looks a bit like this D8<, and I immediatly try to switch the tab back to these forums (I always keep another tab open when I watch My Little Pony), but it takes just a little bit too long to load, and he gets a short glimpse of Pinkie Pie. I'm acting all dodgy at this point, and he knows something is up. I cave in, and I switch the tab back to My Little Pony. He wonders why the hell I'm watching a show aimed at 8-year-old girls, and then he suddenly realizes "So THAT'S the show Lia [our friend] is telling me about?"

I hit the play button, trying to remember which way Mexico is. He watches one of Pinkie Pie's sudden dance numbers. I try to get the record straight that that doesn't always happen on the show, saying "She does that. She's kind of insane." Then, Pinkie Pie strikes up a conversation with Fluttershy. I'm trying to contain the urge to say "That's Fluttershy. She's my favorite!", me being a huge Fluttershy fan. At this point, he's watched the show for presicely ten seconds (I counted). He gets up and leaves with the quip "This is so stupid." He walks away.

I feel I'm in the clear, and I stop trying to think of a fake name for myself for when I flee to Mexico. BUT THEN, he tells my mom, and I quote, "Mom, Human_Umbreon [Well, he used my real name] likes My Little Pony."

Then, it hits me: Ricardo Gonzalez. That's what I'll use in Mexico.

My mom takes it well, though, remembering the days when My Little Pony came out in the 1980s. I think she's still a bit confused, with her son saying bluntly that I like My Little Pony. And --

Wh-What's that? You do?

Okay, my brother just told me he wants to watch the rest of the episode.

*Two minutes later*

FINALLY, he's gone! Now I can watch My Little Pony in peace!

(By the way, my brother's final opinion on the show: "I hate the show, but I like the pink one.")

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  1. Zenax's Avatar
    Maybe he likes the show but he's afraid to admit it. That's how I felt when I watch the pilot.


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