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Remember my last blog where I said it was very hot in California?

Well, today, it was cold where I lived today.

Apparently SoCal's weather system loves to trick people into thinking it'll be hot for the next few days, then it becomes cold all of a sudden.

I live near Temecula.

To make it better, on Wednesday, there will be a chance of storms.

Great job SoCal.

Oh, and Negative Continuity will be on soon.

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    So this also applies to you?
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster
    So this also applies to you?
  3. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Ok my rant from yesterday is taking down a few notches then ;)
  4. Steelrush's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Soulmaster;bt226097]So this also applies to you?

    Right now in Southern California we've been getting all of that every month.


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