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Today is my 1-year Bulbaversary.

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by , 6th August 2012 at 09:37 AM (244 Views)
And almost no one said that they wanted to do it? For shame. For damn shame.

Anyways, I joined here back 366 days ago (really), because I was bored and stuff. I joined the Minecraft Forums earlier, back in late July.

And, yes, I thank you all.

Plus, I'll mention everyone who posted in the comments section, even if the commenter wanted to or not. Sorry if it's brief. :)

Also, I apologize for the briefness of these. I am not very good at describing people.
@Karamazov; I did not make a 1-yr Bulbaversary thing yesterday because no one posted anything about wanted to be mentioned in a blog. For shame. On the other hand, you're a moderator. Lucky. post in a lot of blogs. And you are funny at times. MY REVENGE FOR NOT SAYING THAT YOU WANT TO BE MENTIONED TODAY! [/S]MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!![/S]
@The Twilight Knight; Oh, you were the one who tried to get in the best blogs list! No offense. blog....stuff. You're interesting. Yay for you.
@FinalArcadia; ok. Sorry for the brief description. You like steel types and striation badge. Yay. And yaoi ships.
@Ghetsis-Dennis; Oh, yeah, you. You asked me stuff about Pikmin 2, even though I was not at that point at the game. Anyways, you are quite interesting, as you came from Serebii (and got permabanned D:). Yet, even though you argue, you are an okay person.
@Soulmaster; You must be waiting for Friendship is Magic, Season 3. I can tell by your avatar (Spike). You are interesting. Quite funny at times, but you are a FiM fan.
@Destiny Queen; Um...of course, you were the one who liked (and agreed) about what I thought about High School AUs. So...congrats for you. I have no thoughts on you (sorry).
@Pyradox; You are my BULBAGARDEN rival. You will always beat me, I deeply agree. On the other hand, you're kinda hilarious. So you are better than me.
@Lord Clowncrete; YOU ARE A GOD AMONG BULBAGARDEN. You are on the best blogs list. As a result, you win...something.
@PkmnGreen; You started one bandwagon, and you are a moderator. (Lucky bastard) Plus, also hilarious. Also, I love you by....0%. So you fail with your question.

Again, I apologize for the horrible thoughts.
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  1. Lalonde's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy Bulbaversary to you.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy Bulbaversary! And thanks for the mention.
  4. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  5. CrackFox's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy anniversary.
  6. Soulmaster's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Happy Bulbaversary! And yes I am waiting for season 3. And is being a Brony a bad thing?
  7. John Understands's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    @Soulmaster; ​NO.
  8. Soulmaster's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Ok good cause the way you phased it could have been either way
  9. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink

    You know I didn't know about this till you told me!xD

    Anyway, happy bulbaversary and have a good one!


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