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Super Mario USA

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As most of you know, (or all of you) Super Mario USA (or SMB2, I'd rather call it USA) is a majorly edited version of another game, Yume Koji: Doki Doki Panic.

Now, a prototype was found 7 years ago, put on the internet, and thus, it was a sight of interest.

So there are 3 versions of the same game: DDP, SMUSA, and SMUSAP. Of course, there is SMAS remake and the SMA remake, but those won't count.

Now, each were different at the ending.

Doki Doki Panic had a showcase of the twins being rescued and the family getting out of the book, with this epic credits music:

SMUSAP had prize money and just a little screen saying "THE END"

SMUSA had a contrubitor - and then the cast with - Mario sleeping. With a NES remix of the FDS DDP title.


(jump to 0:34)


SMUSAP also had cave music unused. Sounding like SMB3's.


SMB3 ^

BTW, I was kidding about calling Wikipedia, "THE OTHER WIKI." I think I'll call TV Tropes that. Nah.

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