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Petitions never work

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by , 11th March 2013 at 10:05 PM (265 Views)
Rarely does it work, like for Operation Rainfall, but I wonder sometimes about the people who petition to get Misty and Brock back, or the people who petition for EarthBound. Especially the Misty and Brock thing, since the Japanese anime writers don't go on Facebook or a petition site to see OS fans.

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  1. Garren's Avatar
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    I imagine that Misty's and now Brock's Japanese voice-actors are probably working on other projects at the moment and wouldn't want to be tied to a weekly series again, so it's a bit selfish to demand that too.
  2. speedingbulletbill's Avatar
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    I used to think the same way, but a friend recently told me that Reggie decided to bring Earthbound to Wii U's Virtual Console after a lot of demanding from fans on Miiverse.

    I'm still not saying a Misty or 4Kids petition WILL in fact work, just that it's not completely, 100% hopeless (at least as far as 4Kids, since there's no language barrier).
  3. Please Understand's Avatar
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    @stickerstaryoshi; I made this blog back before EarthBound got announced for the VC. This was back when everyone thought "EarthBound is not coming to VC. Oh well, time to save my money or pirate. :("

    But, to be honest, petitions MAY work if spammed on Miiverse. Maybe not anime petitons, just for Japan-only stuff.


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