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Oh yeah!

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I cleared over 9000 MB in my sucky computer! YEAH! Take that! Wait, how much MB equals a KB? Ah well. I FEEL BOSS.

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  1. Luna Tiger's Avatar
    1 MB = 1024 KBs

    9000 MBs = 9216000 KBs

    Which is almost 9 gigs. You sure it wasn't 9000+ KB?
  2. Space Opera's Avatar
    Clearing 9 gig of junk is pretty easy if you're unorganised like me, and never uninstall things. The most I've cleared from my laptop in one go was 13 gig.
  3. John Understands's Avatar
    I thought KB was more than MB. Oh. And there is 0.98 GB of ram. By the way, did you even see what I did there?


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