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Moar stuff

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First, in a fanfic I am writing, for some unknown reason, I decided that Ghetsis will replace Porky as the fearless leader of the Pig Army after Porky goes into the ASC. The Pig Army will discover Ghetsis when he is on the run and he gets his own stuff like Porky. Plus, Satoshi becomes the Masked Man controlled by Porky and Ghetsis and the Pig Army (if you played Mother 3, you know what I mean. ;)), so he may die.

Next, 8bit rules. So much, watch this video.

Last, does any of you like the first english opening theme? I do. So I found this 8bit remix:

EDIT: And why the heck do so many people in YT confuse Red with Ash? I mean, Ash is just a normal trainer who tries and stuck at 10. Red is awesome and is a supertrainer (almost). Because several videos say 'VS Ash', when Ash is the anime character, not the game character.

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