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Mr. Nintendo's Leaks

Have fun readiing, relax, have a cup of coffee, and tune in for Mr. Nintendo's Leaks, when he decides to leak to U...

  1. Yay for Bulbasaurs.

    Because I wanted a Charmander from the GTS, I felt like breeding a Bulbasaur with a Ditto. I used one of them to get a Charmander (female). Right now, I need a female Bulbasaur. I don't know why. Then I'll get Squirtle from Oak, and get the Hoenn starters from RSE.

    My dex plan is almost complete. :D
  2. Youtube, why you act so glitchy?! Again!


    You know how at the end of a video, it shows suggestions for videos to watch, and stuff like that?

    APPARENTLY, NOW, The video can be watched...only with the same suggestions, at the same exact page (with that video playing), and no comment changes. Same page, with different video.

    I do not know if this is a glitch or not, but this annoys me.
  3. I remembered a dream I had.

    It was about me posting a blog on Bulbagarden about telling all of you that I got a Wii U.

    Also, I have more thoughts about making an 10-year anniversary video on November 18th for Ruby and Sapphire.
  4. At this point, I would say, "OMG I JOINED TUMBLR.".

    Instead, I didn't. Bandwagons. Pfft. It's the cheapest way ever to get more blogs. I'm also using my iPad. Screw bandwagons. Your own shit FTW.

    Also, this is my 251st blog.
  5. Battling Red.

    Not in the PWT, I mean in Heart Gold. Some of the only ways most of Red's mons took damage was because of sandstorm. I only defeated his Charizard and Pikachu until fainting. My team:

    Tyranitar, Lv. 56. Still has POKéRUS.
    Raikou, Lv. 55. Still has POKéRUS.
    Gengar, Lv. 57. Still has POKéRUS.
    Ho-oh, Lv. 53. Stil has POKéRUS.
    Lugia, Lv. 70. Still has POKéRUS.
    Scizor, Lv. 30 (long story). Still has POKéRUS.
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