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  1. /generic holidays blog is generic

    happy holidays everyone.

    Where I live (PST), tommorow is Christmas Eve, and the next day is Christmas.

    So, for those who lives in a timezone where it's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Merry Christmas.

    And Happy Holidays to everyone else.
  2. Has Lv70 Empoleon in Platinum Victory Road

    >has level 70 by Victory Road
    >rest is level 66 and 67 (Togekiss, Gallade, Garchomp)
    >just taught Garchomp Stone Edge
    >is twenty levels higher than most of the Trainers

    man am i overpowered
  3. It's Winter...

    And I'm not dead.

    If I were dead, would I be typing this up?

    I wonder how the people who predicted the Doomsday feel.
  4. I hate Game Corners.

    I like Goldenrod and Mauville's, but most of them suck, mainly because they are the only places to get Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Ice Beam TMs. I'm glad they were removed when Gen V came out, the game machines were like cheating bastards, only rolling for you.
  5. Look! A Lv42 Gallade...outta nowhere!

    Hours of grinding pay off, y'know.

    For example. before Route 208, I had a Lv18 Ralts. Now, it's a Lv42 Gallade (nickname: Stryker) (I traded with my HeartGold. I also got a Lucky Egg to my Platinum for easier grinding!), and I'm now at Route 215, grinding my Togetic to Lv42 then evolving it to Togekiss by trading to my HeartGold.

    I also have a Lv42 Emploeon (Nickname: Emperor, previously Pippy), and a Lv42 Gabite (Nickname: Gibaro). They both kick ass, along with Stryker. ...
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