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Mr. Nintendo's Leaks

Have fun readiing, relax, have a cup of coffee, and tune in for Mr. Nintendo's Leaks, when he decides to leak to U...

  1. It was my Bulbaversary a few weeks ago.

    I did mention it in a blog a while ago, but no one noticed.

    Anyways, It's been 2 years ever since I have been here, and it's been a very fun time over here.

    No one commented on it when I mentioned my Bulbaversary though on such blog... ;_;
  2. i havent blogged in a while

    mainly because I've been going to /vp/ and /vr/ a lot now, and another site

    so yeah

    i'm not leaving
  3. I have a confession to make.

    I like the Dragon Quest series more than Final Fantasy.

    That's all, folks.
  4. my xenoblade is ready..and 2-year bulbaversary

    i reserved it. i also brought a few (3)DS games (one of them sticker star)...so i can get XBC. used.

    so, after this blog, i'll possibly be gone for a while

    Also, it was my 2-year bulbaversary a while ago!

    I'll give out no mentions...but you may ask for one and my opinion on you.
  5. rating regions

    because fuck bandwagons, i do my own thing here

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