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Mr. Nintendo's Leaks


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by , 28th June 2013 at 02:39 PM (352 Views)
Not only did Bulba get hacked, so did Serebii, Smogon, PokemonGTS, and some other sites.

By the way, Smogon is still offline, along with Showdown, I believe.

What do these hackers have to do? Don't they have anything better to do than hack Pokémon forums?

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  1. Silktree's Avatar
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    It's all part of a greater conspiracy. The official websites and Global Link servers are next.
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    Showdown is up actually.
    The hacker went after several websites, only targeting Pokemon ones in his/her recent spree.
  3. User_Name's Avatar
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    I can understand someone hacking the CIA or UN servers, but why a Pokémon forum? What could you possibly have to gain from this? Do they think that the Webmaster of a forum is hiding some super-secret info about Pokémon X and Y?
  4. Kouzan's Avatar
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    I don't get why they would either. Maybe the guy's really against the new games or against someone here or on another forum? I really don't know, but probably just bored.
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  5. SharKing's Avatar
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    The hacker goes by the alias "rootinabox", and it seems to me that he's just one of those lunatics who likes to watch the world burn.


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