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And Game Freak's new game is....!

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Soritia Horse, for the 3DS eShop. very, very interesting. I never played Drill Dozer, but I've played HarmoKnight, and I liked it.

Apparently it's a "hotel + solitare" combo. Part of it is a "Solitare" phase where you bond with your horse and make it better, while the other half is a "control" phase where you race your horse.

This is very intriguing in my opinion, but I understand some won't like it. Because everyone was expecting Pokémon. I was, too, but if new Game Freak games other than Pokémon are now going to be more common, that is great!

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  1. Team Gaara's Avatar
    I honestly wasn't excepting it to be Pokemon related anyway. But damn, those ponies are adorable!~
  2. Reila's Avatar
    Looks adorable and I strongly believe it will be a fun game. After all, Drill Dozer was terrific and Pulseman wasn't bad either.
  3. Miles101's Avatar
    I thought they were warthogs but yeah they're pretty cute. Seems to be a nice widgety thing.
  4. Delta Uncle Edit's Avatar
    Not exactly what I was expecting, but it sure looks quite charming. I bet this will turn out to be a good game like Game Freak's other non-Pokemon titles.
  5. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I like it when Game Freak experiments with original, non-Pokemon projects, but they've truly jumped the horse with this one, what a weird concept. I was expecting a new franchise entirely, but instead we get an iOS-type game that's to be released only in a week, so I am rather disappointed.

    I highly doubt it's going to be released outside of Japan, as opposed to the worldwide release of X/Y, but the production of those games is probably top-priority for Game Freak at the moment, so they most likely had to create something really short and simple in order to concentrate on the bigger and more important Gen 6 projects.


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