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Damn Civilization V

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Why you be so addicting.

So, I started a new Huge world, as the Mongols, because earlier, they always expanded rapidly.


-Turned off Barbarians and City-states
-Made items abundant
-Aztecs asked for open borders, then declared war, taking my second city
-Got city back, but had to pay all of my gold for peace
-Has 5 or 6 cities
-Now, I hate Aztecs as a foe.

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  1. Captain Tentacruel's Avatar
    I have a pretty easy time expanding as the US. Did you also get G&K and BNW?

    More recently, though, I've also been enjoying playing as China and Arabia a lot.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    I haven't gotten them yet, but I plan to get BNW soon, maybe G&K in the future.


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