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Congratulations for getting more hate, Nintendo

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So, yesterday, Nintendo announced that Swapnote's Spotpass service has been shut down because of people, minors, and others posting dicks and the such and sending them to friends. Unfortunately, this also affects the Flipnote Studio 3D send-to-friends flipnotes thing.

I understand Nintendo's family-friendly, but was there really a purpose behind this? Maybe disabling the image part would have been fine for Swapnote, or they could just have not done anything.

Not to mention, since Flipnote Studio 3D hasn't even launched worldwide, other than Japan, and yet Nintendo has disabled one of its features, this kinda pisses me off.

I never used Swapnote, but this is still pretty stupid. Even stupider, with the Flipnote Studio 3D thing.

And, once again, this brings the Nintendo Hate Train along to be stupid.

Also, this is an obvious downgrade. Unless 3DS-Miiverse comes along soon, you can barely communicate with friends on a 3DS.

Great job, Nintendo. Great job.

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    I don't know why Nintendo couldn't just ban those users from using the service....I guess its not possible?
  2. Kagerou's Avatar
    Why are you so hard on yourself?
  3. John Understands's Avatar
    @Ziмa; I dunno.

    I always seem to get angry at something.
  4. Winter Rain's Avatar
    It wasn't just drawings they were sending... .__.
  5. Ampharos King's Avatar
    With mature third-party titles like Assassin's Creed IV on Wii U, and others like Resident Evil on 3DS, I thought Nintendo abandoned its "family-friendly" policy a long time ago.

    I guess Nintendo did it to avoid any bad press or legal trouble.


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