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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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I can't believe it, 3 days! So excited!

Who here will get it? I'll share with you my FC LATER.

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  1. Robbie's Avatar
    I'm gonna be buying it :) I'm ridiculously excited about this game. PM me your friend code when you have the game and ill do the same :)
  2. Rainbow's Avatar

    I hope I don't play it for a week and abandon it like PG and CF...hopefully being handheld alleviates that.
  3. istore's Avatar
    I think I am getting it for my birthday (June 14th)
    VM me if you would like to exchange FCs
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    I'm saving my money, so I can't get it myself. But I'm hoping my parents will buy it for me.
  5. Froakie's Avatar
    I'm so excited for it, I think it's the most excited I've been about a game in ages.

    Although us European's get it on Friday :c So I've still got 8 more days to wait.


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