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The Power of Pika

Watching DVD's and listening to music.

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by , 18th March 2012 at 01:25 AM (184 Views)
When I feel stressed or the fandom gets to me I listen to music from my favourite games and shows. It's nice to back away into what I like and not worry about what others think. I use to do it alot as a kid. However after a certain point I started worrying what others thought of me about my interests. I tried to fit in which was a mistake and as a result I had never really truely felt relaxed until recent times. Moving away and focusing on what I like really helped me alot when I was away from the forum ages ago. I don't care what anyone thinks of me anymore.
I'm me. This is who I am and if people don't like it then that's their problem.

When it comes to relaxing currently I like to listen to BGM from Pokemon movie 14.
I also like listening to the english movie theme tune from Pokemon movie 14 aswell because I really like it.

Legend of zelda windwaker music calms the nerves.

DP music in general is nice.

Sonic music I find gets me excited.

Watching Pokemon movies from movie 1-14 english is what I'm enjoying at the moment. I'm also watching episodes based on the Pokemon focused in the movies.

I'm up to movie 6.

So yeah I've only rewatched 5 of the 14 movies.

Movie 1-3 are nolstagic. Movie 4 is good though I can't stand the ending credits song.

Movie 5 for some reason I can barely take seriously yet I enjoy it. Not sure why.
Something amusing about Ash chasing a girl.XD

When I'm bored online I start watching BW episodes and DP episode on aswell.

If I'm not in the mood to watch Pokemon I watch something else. I've been getting into a Bugs bunny and daffy duck mood as of late. The really old cartoons are very nolstagic for me since my parents fed me on them when I was a kid. They are also what inspire me heavily to being an animator.

On the side sometimes I like messing with my Nintendogs on my 3DS and trying to get as many streetpasses as possible.

So yeah that's what I enjoy personally.

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    I feel the same way when the fandom got to me, as in, the collective negativity on certain things. It makes listening to what makes you happy feel great. Anyway, about the 6th movie (about Jirachi, I think), I kind of liked it, although it was the last Pokemon movie I watched. One thing I liked about it is how the focus is on Max, which makes him feel like a favourable character.

    Thanks for reading.


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