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The Power of Pika

Restarting Pokemon green version!

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Starting from the first pokemon game again. Which I'm excited to play again.^-^

Now the big question. What pokemon should i start with?

Fushigidane (Bulbasaur)
Zenigame (Squirtle)
Hitokage (Charmander)

EDIT: Started the game now. I'm going to pick Fushigidane.=3
I haven't picked that one in years.

That was an easy win against my rival.o_O

Guess it's time to get the parcel.=)

Got the map which will go straight into the PC.XP

Need to get pokeballs...............

Well I won't be blogging this constantly. I just felt like it today.

Practically my team will consist of catching the first pokemon off each route but this is not a nuzlocke. I just think that little first pokemon on each route rule would make things interesting since it'll force me out of my comfort zone since I seem to go for the same pokemon usually for some reason. When I get better Pokemon through this rule I'll switch my team out.

However I will be also catching as many Pokemon as possible that'll just sit in the PC. I do want to complete the dex to as complete as possible as well but that's a separate thing I'm doing.=3

Final EDIT: Getting kind of late so calling it a night.

Team currently:
Fushigidane (Bulbasaur)
Poppo (Pidgey)

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