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The Power of Pika

Christmas is almost here.=)

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by , 24th December 2008 at 05:43 AM (362 Views)
It's 24th december in Australia 9:25pm Australian time and am anticipating Christmas. I like how Australia's ahead in some ways when it comes to time.=P

My mum has placed the presents she's going to give me under the Christmas tree.

There's 3 and I already know 2 of them are games since I kind of asked for them and she said she got

Though the 3rd one has got me stumped.o_O
I was only told I was getting 2 games and there's this 3rd one. I assumed at first it was from my brother since he had planned to buy a game for me aswell but apparently after asking if it was from him I was then told apparently my brother still has the present for me hidden in his room.

So I have this extra present that I don't know what on earth it is. Now I'm excited.=)

I'm not sure whether I'll sleep either.

Proceeds to run into other room to see that my brother had put his present finally under the tree.=D
I have also set the present for him under the tree also.

Now that I've blogged that little piece I will continue.

The present my brother has got me is big. I know he told me it was a game when he bought it so I'm going to guess that due to it's size it maybe something to do with the wii since the wii has so many add ons and it just seems to make sense. Though I could be wrong and it's maybe completely different and he may have said it was a game to throw me.=/

Now reaching 9:30pm.

I think I'll be going to bed at 10:00pm since I'm strangely not very tired yet. Maybe later depending on how I feel

I have random Christmas songs playing in my head due to the shopping centre where I work blaring it over the loud speaker.

I never thought they'd turn it up so loud but they did it.

My dad has put a Christmas present under the tree. One to my mum and the other to me, my brother and my Mum. He said to guess which one is edible. My guess is that the one given to everyone would be the edible one since logically you can share edible food.

The Christmas tree sits in the dining room.

I didn't get to decorate it however. As a casual I worked through today (Christmas eve) and I'm the only one working this holiday in the family. Though Christamas should give me that needed break and to spend time with the family.

I was let out early however due to how nice the boss was. Also she gave me a present of Chocolates.=)

It's now 9:35pm.
I'm going into my hotmail since I need to send some emails wishing people a merry Christmas.

Finished emailing. yay.

I better leave this blog now. I will be posting a blog tomorrow on Christmas day Australian time. So excited.^-^

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    Have a good'un. Hope it's not too hot over there.


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