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DVD's I own.=)

  1. Yay 12th movie coming to DVD in Australia.

    2nd of June.

    Oh yeah.

    The re-release Pokemon boxsets are coming at a fast pace.

    I've mentioned ages ago that the Australian super wallets were infact discontinued.

    However these rerelease sets are coming out to fill in the void that was created.

    However no chronicles are in these sets.
    Though you do get the full seasons like you did with the super wallets.

    Updated 30th March 2010 at 07:56 AM by The Power of Pika

  2. Pokemon episode list that are on DVD in Australia. part 5

    Been a while since I've done one of these.

    Anyway the first half of season 11 is on DVD in Australia. The riolu special isn't on it but I wouldn't be surprised if they're saving it till the 2nd collection.

    Pokemon DP battle dimension collection 1.

    Has 26 episodes.

    Tears for fears
    Once there were greenfields
    Throwing the ...
  3. Pokemon episode list that are on DVD in Australia. part 4

    New part to add to my collection listing blogs of Pokemon boxsets in Australia.

    Season 10 just came out on DVD recently. Though hard to find at the moment since they're only starting to come into many stores due to delays.

    Anyway this boxset is actually 2 boxsets unfortunately. Magna pacific's decided to split them.

    It looks like the season wallet collection stuff is finished aswell since these aren't super wallets either.

    Season 10 boxsets ...

    Updated 14th May 2009 at 06:01 AM by The Power of Pika

  4. When one learns how to capture images on a computer.

    Believe it or not I know how to do lots of things with my computer going even as far as creating and animating 3D objects and characters and yet I have never actually captured still images from a DVD with a cartoon on it.^-^;;;;

    So I kind of found out today how to do it by myself of course since it was pretty straight forward. Though kind of funny since this is kind of stuff most people already know how to do and yet I was so new to this.XD

    I feel kind of dumb admitting ...

    Updated 27th March 2009 at 10:14 AM by The Power of Pika

  5. Pokemon episode list that are on DVD in Australia. part 3

    So much in doing this the other day. I got lazy.lol

    First I edited my first DVD list (season 1) blog slightly with a little more specific titles on the Pikachu's winter's vacation of the Chronicles DVD since I forgot there's a second Pikachu's winter vacation in a later boxset.

    Anyway I'm up to Australian season 4 super wallet and I will also be doing pretty much the rest of the season boxsets released in Australia making this one huge blog.XD

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