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  1. Strange how the memory can fool you.....

    Been playing japanese Yellow version I got not too long ago second hand and enjoying it alot.

    Though I discovered that my memory of yellow isn't as sharp as I once thought. I tend to be surprised multiple times when certain Pokemon aren't in areas I once thought and in different locations. After looking online to double check things sure enough there's alot of Pokemon I was thinking when reading the info online that "I don't remember that being there".o_O

    video games
  2. The gaming community on some forums.=/

    Honestly I've been to many forums to do with games and have never seen so many people complain about how they're dissapointed by the wii over the past few months.

    Now I know there are some who are not being honest and don't have a wii (there's always those few) though I do know there are others that are legitly dissapointed.

    It confuses me I have to admit.

    Looking into history Nintendo since the N64 has been known for having droughts when it came to ...

    Updated 13th December 2008 at 08:32 AM by The Power of Pika

    video games
  3. Christmas shopping and a purchase for myself.

    I have a bit of money saved up now so I can afford a present for my brother and even something for myself.Yay.

    So far I'll be buying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of darkness for my brother since that's what he wants. So that's pretty much settled.

    As for the purchase for myself I have no idea what to buy.
    I'm thinking along the lines of a game but I can't decide.

    I don't know whether it should be a new game for the wii or DS. Or a old game ...

    Updated 6th December 2008 at 08:38 AM by The Power of Pika

    video games
  4. A thought on DS, GBASP batteries.=|

    Just something I'd been thinking about in the last few days.

    I like playing my portables years and years after they're not supported and I like finding ways of keeping them going.

    Now the old gameboy, gameboy Colour and my launch gameboy advance all run on AA batteries that can be bought in stores even today. None of them are broken and work still so I can play my systems even now if I wanted to.

    The biggest problem with gameboy and gameboy colour weren't ...

    Updated 10th October 2008 at 08:34 AM by The Power of Pika

    video games
  5. Gaming, gaming and more gaming!! =D

    I admit I am very big on gaming. I just love games.
    Though after trying to work out things and knock a few higher priorities of life out of the way I managed to free up alot of time after tomorrow.=P
    Tomorrow I work so it'd definately be the next 2 days after.

    Anyway I am just going to sit back relax and game. Though something tells me I may end up doing something else aswell since things come up but so far it's looking promising.=)

    Practically today I ...

    Updated 26th September 2008 at 09:21 AM by The Power of Pika

    video games
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