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Collections of things owned.

  1. Thought I'd do a Pokemon episode list that are on DVD for Australia.=P part 1

    I'll get to my other blogs parts for my other things. Don't worry. I seem to be making alot of part 1's as it seems.^-^;;;;

    Anyway the DVD one is easy considering I have kind of most of this list up on on Computer microsoft word anyway.

    So this is season 1 super wallet for Australia.
    4 episodes were missing from the set which are:
    "case of the "K9 caper", "Pokemon paparazzi", "The Ultimate test" and "The breeding ...

    Updated 25th March 2009 at 05:06 AM by The Power of Pika (Making the winter vacation part of the list more specific)

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  2. Pokemon collection part 4

    yay guess what. This is the last of my collection.

    Pity I got to start with a poorly taken picture that's blurred, hopefully it's seeable.=/

    The games.=)
    I think it all speaks for itself.=)

    My Pokemon GBC is on the right hand corner.
    We have 3 Pokemon GBA videos which aren't games but there.
    At top there's a japanese Pearl and the english pearl.
  3. Pokemon collection part 3.

    When will it end.lol
    Well we've already gone through 8 of the 14 pictures. Now for the next 4.=)

    yay for assorted books!
    Anyway tope left hand corner is where I keep mostly loose assorted Pokemon stuff. The folder has posters, stickers ect.

    next to it is a little card collection book. it was for these cards that when you moved to card the character looked like it moved. Anyway ...
  4. Pokemon collection part 2.

    My Pokemon cards. All of them have been opened it's just I keep the new stuff in their packs because my only folder is full. I always keep starter decks in their boxes.

    There's 2 packages with Pokemon figures in them. I only bought them a few days ago so I haven't opened them yet.^-^;;;;;

    We've got little figures from my friend who bought them for my birthday years ago, Pokemon toys from ...
  5. Pokemon Collection part 1

    Well I've decided that I'll post my Pokemon collection. So I started taking photos. Little did I know my collection is extremely large so I decided to do this in parts. So this is part 1.=)

    There's like 14 pictures and I ended up missing one thing.^-^;;;;;
    I'll mention it anyway later since I'm not bothered in lugging it out of the wardrobe.

    I'll start with my Pokemon monopoly board. ...